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Meeting Agenda and Minutes
17th VTC Oct 12, 2010 (VTC) Agenda  Minutes  
16th VTC Dec 16, 2009 (VTC) Agenda   Minutes  
15th VTC Jan 16, 2009 (VTC) Agenda  
14th VTC Feb 21, 2008 (VTC) Agenda   Minutes  
13th VTC March 7, 2007 (VTC) Agenda   Minutes  
12th VTC December 15, 2006 (VTC) Agenda   Minutes  
11th VTC September 8, 2006 (VTC) Agenda  
10th VTC July 28, 2006 (VTC) Agenda  
9th VTC June 29, 2006 (VTC) Agenda   Minutes  
8th VTC April 19, 2006 (VTC) Agenda  
7th VTC February 27, 2006 (VTC) Agenda and Minutes  
6th VTC January 17, 2006 (VTC) Agenda and Minutes  
5th VTC November 7, 2005 (VTC) Agenda and Minutes Auth Profile (PDF)
Auth Profile (HTML)
4th VTC September 21, 2005 (VTC) Agenda and Minutes ASGCCA in-depth reports slides
Review reports of APAC GRID CA
IGTF Charter (v.0.8)
3rd VTC July 26, 2005 (VTC) Agenda and Minutes KISTI in-depth reports slides
Application by NAREGI
IGTF Charter (v.0.6)
2nd VTC June 21, 2005 (VTC) Agenda and Minutes AIST in-depth reports slides
1st VTC May 18, 2005 (VTC) Agenda and Minutes  

Audit Reports

Certificate Authority Date of Audit Date of Audit Report Report
NAREGI CA Jul. 2, 2007 Oct. 18, 2007 X
KEK GRID CA Apr. 13, 2007 May 18, 2007 X
KISTI GRID CA Sep. 22, 2006 Sep. 29, 2006 X
APAC GRID CA Mar. 30, 2006 Apr. 06, 2005 X
Institute of High-energy Physics CA Dec. 01, 2005 Dec. 07, 2005 X
Scientific Data Grid CA Nov. 30, 2005 Dec. 06, 2005 X
Academia Sinca Grid Computing CA Aug. 22, 2005 Sep. 10, 2005 X